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See how “Mike” used CaptureAssets™ templates to gain control and accuracy over all of his tooling asset details, so he could get back to being a Tooling Engineer.

Point of frustration

“Chasing information takes up over half of my day and completely slams my inbox!”

Mike was building a headlamp for his Tier 1 automotive customer. Between six different suppliers, he was receiving his tooling information six different ways; most of it incomplete and on the wrong level. One supplier had CAD files and no hot runner, the next had complete measurements, but no CAD files attached. Mike received approximately 200 update emails a day about all of these items; all of them inaccurate and obsolete upon arrival.

Mike had no way to:

  • Get his information in a consistent and easy-to-use format 
  • Turn the tool over to manufacturing to accurately start making the part 
  • Quickly make changes to a part and keep all relevant parties informed
  • Save asset details with complete and accurate project information
  • Stop putting out fires and work proactively

CaptureAssets™ as the solution

With CaptureAssets™, Mike stopped herding cats and got back to being a Tooling Engineer

Non-Value Added Time


13 Weeks
Gathering Asset Details
Waiting for Approvals
Managing Revision Levels
Change Management
Compiling Digital Toolbook
Connector graphic
Non-Value Added Time


7 Weeks


  • Gathering Asset Details
  • Waiting for Approvals
  • Managing Revision Levels
  • Change Management
  • Compiling Digital Toolbook


Manage your project, not your emails

The asset details and digital toolbook™ features of CaptureAssets™ saved an incredible amount of time on just this one headlamp build project.


By creating custom templates for receiving information, Mike was able to receive and manage all of his asset details across multiple suppliers. He made fewer phone calls, didn’t have to search for important information, and spent less time managing his inbox. 

By building a digital toolbook, Mike was able to create a single source of truth for his headlamp project for easy communication, distribution, and archiving for years down the road.

“One system for all of our tooling info; it was a no-brainer to implement this at our plants”

Tooling Manager at Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

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