Your tooling process, on time and on budget

CaptureAssets™ creates one single source of truth for your assets throughout the lifecycle of a project. By giving internal and external teams global access, the details that run your tooling process will always be accurate and up to date.

PROBLEM: The Data Loop (data control)
How do you keep your team working on the right level, at the right time?

Effectively manage revision levels, external supplier estimates, and design files in real time

CaptureAssets™ Digital Toolbook™ data control:

  • Asset details, complete and in the order you want them
  • Standardized and templated information across all suppliers
  • Seamless team collaboration achieves major milestones on time
  • Internal and external team alerts for new revision levels
  • Asset details updated in seconds, not weeks
Case Study

PROBLEM: collaboration (speed)
How long does it take you to implement one design change?

Increase change management velocity and manage iterations in minutes, not weeks

CaptureAssets™ Digital Toolbook™ workflow optimization:

  • Suppliers consistently providing pertinent asset information
  • Asset notifications and alerts to maintain project velocity 
  • Seamless team collaboration through major milestones
  • Employees, plants, and suppliers effectively managing change levels
  • Consistent tooling workflows maintained across your entire enterprise
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“We have facilities and molds all over the world. One system to track everything saves us from a lot of wasted time searching for our information”

Plant Manager at Tier 2 Supplier

Cost/Time Savings

CaptureAssets™ adds accuracy and velocity to your tooling cycles

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    Production Launch
Circle chart showing 31 total weeks for the current state

Current State

Lack of accurate asset details slows build cycles. This creates longer timelines and a higher risk that teams are working from the wrong revision level.

Circle chart showing 23 total weeks with CaptureAssets™

With CaptureAssets™

Real-time asset details add velocity to production timelines and accuracy to revision level information.


One complete digital toolbook™ for the lifecycle of your tool

Complete templated information, multi-team collaboration, and notifications — all in one place — from design through end of life.

Package features:

  • Asset tags
  • Asset toolbook information
  • Attachment uploads (e.g., POs/Invoices )
  • Customized templates
  • Multi-level folders
  • Clear-to-Pay access
  • Company and asset notifications
  • Unlimited internal users
  • File security with internal and external vendors
  • External user collaboration and permissioning
  • Seven hours of onboarding / training support
  • Virtual support
  • GPS asset location
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