The asset details and collaboration that your tooling program runs on

From organized asset details to full digital toolbook functionality, CaptureAssets has a product that fits your needs. Simply add your CaptureAssets subscription to the cost of the tool and the app pays for itself.
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Asset management and Collaboration
at your fingertips

Product features

Asset tag information Purchase Required Purchase Required
Asset toolbook information
Unlimited internal users
Internal users only
Onboarding / training support
1 hour

3 hours

7 hours
Attachment uploads POs/Invoices All project files
External user collaboration & permissioning
GPS asset location
File security with internal & external vendors
Email support

Virtual support
Notifications  Company & asset
Customized templates
Multi-level folders

Additional Products

Digital Toolbook Archive

Archive your projects without losing a single detail

CaptureAssets archive pricing is just $35 per year per tool, and is available to all of our customers once the project is done.

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Enterprise Pricing

How can tooling become less complex for your specific needs?

We are dedicated to streamlining asset communication issues, big and small. Connect with us for customized enterprise solutions and pricing.

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